Foundations of The Twenty-First Century

4 thoughts on “Foundations of The Twenty-First Century

    1. Hello, Rhondda

      Thanks for posting.

      In answer to a previous question, I am one of several individuals from Europe and America who have put together this site, to highlight the struggle of our people – as well as present material from those who, in our mind, actually speak for our people, and have not suddenly gotten on board, so-to-speak, and are now riding the wave on the backs of others who gave more than money into this struggle.

      We try and present an accurate portrayal of what White Nationalism is.

      This vast mission we are undertaking will be just as perilous amongst ourselves, as it has been against our opposition, and we will lend a hand to those we either know, or see as doing a fine job in the best interests of our people and folk-community.

      Hope to see you again.


  1. Feric Jaggar

    I am looking for any direct mp3 links to any interview with Frank DeSilva.

    Also, does he work on this website or have one?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

    1. To our knowledge, we know of none.

      We are happy to produce works by Mr. DeSilva, articles, and whatever else he would care to deliver; this holds true for any persons we feel has the best of intentions for our Western folk-community.

      This website is dedicated to the extension of our Western identity, and is an effort developed by numerous individuals, Mr. DeSilva has no direct involvement, but has offered his support and inspiration, like so many others.

      If there is something you find, please, let us know.

      ~ The Staff ~

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