Spencer Quinn: My Top Three Non-Alt Right Books

My Top Three Non-Alt Right Books

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Sharing books, in my opinion, does more than almost anything to keep cultures vibrant. Thanks in part to the ascendancy of Donald Trump, we on the Alt Right are at present experiencing an uptick of culture which is both exciting and a bit daunting. Several years ago, I had written off many of the goals of white nationalism, but now, I am not so sure. It’s a good time to be on the Alt Right. 

As we all know, a wide range exists on the Alt Right regarding opinions or beliefs on important matters. This is how it should be. On the other hand, unanimity prevails when it comes to our three core issues: 1) race differences are real and significant, 2) whites need to attain a positive racial identity, and 3) whites must reclaim ethnocentric homelands for ourselves if we wish to survive in the long run. For us, this is clearly not just the best way forward, but the only way forward. Reading material, of course, helps keep us on the same page regardless of whether we agree or disagree on certain issues. Many Alt Right websites publish books, and, of course, many of us are familiar with them. Further, many sites like this one publish historical authors and reviews of historical works whose perspectives jibe well with the current Alt Right zeitgeist.

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The Alt Right And The Arts

The Alt Right & the Arts

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Vig Scholma

Vig Scholma, Furor Teutonicus

The Road to Alt Right Artistry

Since Hillary Clinton’s mention of the Alternative Right in one of her speeches, there have been countless discussions about what the Alt Right is and represents, with everyone and anyone, no matter how inappropriate, suddenly declaring they are part of the Alt Right. I think it is quite easy to define what the Alt Right is: it is the postmodern manifestation of what Julius Evola termed the True Right. 

The True Right has been almost completely disprivileged from the mainstream arts scene in the present day. The political Left, meaning firstly the Whiggish Left and then the socialist Left, realized as early as the late eighteenth century the power art had to shape political discourse by altering the masses’ perceptions of the world. They thus sought to seize the artistic mainstream as a means towards political power.

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Radio Nordfront Interview: Frank L. DeSilva

Radio Nordfront  Interview


Frank L. DeSilva


Interview of the History, Meta-politics, and Spirituality of the European Peoples. The Silent Brotherhood is discussed. The American Elections, Donald Trump, Syria, Russia, Putin, and much more.

Radical Traditionalism: What is the core of the American Experiment?

Radical Traditionalism:

What is the core of the American Experiment?

To progress again, man must remake himself. And he cannot remake himself without suffering. For he is both the marble and the sculptor. In order to uncover his true visage, he must shatter his own substance with heavy blows of his hammer.

It is chiefly the intellectual and moral deficiencies of the political leaders, and their ignorance, which endanger modern nations.

Alexis Carrel

Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count: 3,868

[Author’s Note: This was penned many years ago. The discussion is still valid, yet the sum of its parts have, to be sure, become an interesting mix of politics, evolution, and the reaffirmation of certain Traditonal values, as seen in Western terms.

The Election of Donald J. Trump has certainly brought in sharp relief, the absolute destruction of those nay-sayers who always seek to prove to the masses that the ‘impossible’ must be worshiped, rather than the view that all things can be addressed with the idea that all is possible, until proven otherwise.

This includes this Work.


The previous material is intended to familiarize those who are new to White Nationalism and, at the same time, to reaffirm those positions held by those who have seen their adult lives enveloped by these concepts. Many have raised their children on these concepts, and over the years it has become crystal clear that these beliefs have bourne themselves out while, at the same time, have seen an exponential increase in opposition to these systems of belief, as well as an overbearing and aggressive impetus by institutional leaders to complete, as we see it, the final destruction of what once was, a proud and noble Republic – a noble and proud experiment, destined to greater achievements and an even greater people and culture.

The future holds many untold challenges and dangers, and the White Nationalist will be at the forefront.

What, exactly, does the Future hold?

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Reframing White Nationalism: A Perspective In Relief

Reframing White Nationalism

3,120 words


What do we want? A white ethnostate. Much has been written about this elusive state, and I am sure there is much controversy and difference of opinion about it, so I won’t attempt to define it here. Suffice to say that the ethnostate will be a nation state founded by whites, for whites, and it will be free of the racial chaos and strife which has come to characterize multi-racial societies. White Nationalism may have many goals, but the ethnostate is the first and most important one, and to achieve it will be to win. So far so good. 

We could spend time explaining why whites must separate from other races. We could point to the low average IQs and the high rates of crime among blacks and Hispanics. We could argue that Muslims from North Africa and the Middle East are not immigrants but invaders who wish to establish a caliphate wherever they go. We could also question the motives and loyalty of higher-IQ people from various parts of Asia. John Derbyshire once quoted a Chinese man who described America not as a country but a place you go to make money. Can we trust the Chinese and the South Asians to hunker down with us and fight the blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims once we’re outnumbered 3-to-2? Or will they all flee to their homelands as soon as the going gets tough? I would bet on the latter, given that their loyalty to America is mostly based on economic opportunity. If they could do better in their home countries, they probably will.

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White Nationalist Position: The Women Of White Nationalism

The Women of White Nationalism


Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count: 1,972

The Beauty of White Nationalist Women
The Beauty of White Nationalist Women

This is one of my favorite subjects as it is often deliberated, argued, written about excessively, and pontificated on by so-called educated dilettantes, and an array of superficial and outspoken agenda-mongers who, for the most part, know absolutely nothing about life, let alone White Nationalism; yet, one and all, claim that they speak so long and eloquently on the ‘rights of women’ that, more often than not, it seems that one is reading Leftist screed, rather than white nationalist rhetoric, or white nationalist understanding of both its possibilities.

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White Nationalist Position: Unemployment

What is the White Nationalist position on



Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count: 2,276

Putting America and the West, back to Work
Putting America and the West, back to Work

As the nation becomes continually polarized, labour will play a large part in the restructuring of our national outlook; labour unions, as has been pointed out before (ROTW/SOA), will have to take a position on racial and regional exigencies if they, themselves, wish to survive. Street mobilization and sixties-era demonstrations will not count for much, when faced with such greater issues as the survival of their own children who, in a more normal climate, would be the beneficiaries of their labour and building skills. To work is a right, what to work for, is a choice. Labour Leaders must bear this in mind if they are to remain leaders.

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White Nationalist Position: Economics

What is the White Nationalist overall Strategy

On Economics as a Policy?

Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count: 1,886


The White Nationalist recognizes that the strength of a Nation can only come from within, specifically from that body of flesh and bone of which we are all a part of, and reject the notion that a strong economy, indeed, that a ‘global-strength’, is predicated upon external (i.e. that which is always extended, such as military might, economic empowerment of nations alien to us) power alone – such as that ubiquitous internationalist or those so-called members of the new ‘world order’ would have us believe. They say: “we must have a strong import system, otherwise the international markets will flounder and fail.” It is this type of logic that has embroiled us in six (6) wars1 (declared or undeclared), and has taken away our true markets in Europe, disrupted trade in South America, and alienated us from true substantial business relations in Japan and elsewhere.

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White Nationalist Positions: The Family

What is the White Nationalist Position on



Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count: 2,845


The importance of Family cannot be stressed enough in the overview of white nationalism, 300px-manifesto_of_futurism-fillipo-tomasoinasmuch as such value has no comparison outside of nature and its immutable laws. This may, at first blush, seem a somewhat outdated or little understood position, and certainly it has been dissected, experimented with, twisted, rearranged, and packaged as ‘family’. The differing aspects of marriage is, as is natural, a developmental item of discourse and study, yet the abiding truth is that family, as a unit, is far and above the detractors spurious attacks. Ironically, a majority of ethnic whites seem to think that it is acceptable to ‘go along’ with the crowd, to accept the yearly invocations of ‘educated’ persons who exhort the masses to ‘reassess’ the traditional ways of the West as callous, restrictive, racist, myopic and dozens of assorted descriptions which evoke even more suspicion and uncertainty when looking at our accepted mores and common technics.

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