White Nationalist Position: The Women Of White Nationalism

The Women of White Nationalism


Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count: 1,972

The Beauty of White Nationalist Women
The Beauty of White Nationalist Women

This is one of my favorite subjects as it is often deliberated, argued, written about excessively, and pontificated on by so-called educated dilettantes, and an array of superficial and outspoken agenda-mongers who, for the most part, know absolutely nothing about life, let alone White Nationalism; yet, one and all, claim that they speak so long and eloquently on the ‘rights of women’ that, more often than not, it seems that one is reading Leftist screed, rather than white nationalist rhetoric, or white nationalist understanding of both its possibilities.

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White Nationalist Position: Unemployment

What is the White Nationalist position on



Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count: 2,276

Putting America and the West, back to Work
Putting America and the West, back to Work

As the nation becomes continually polarized, labour will play a large part in the restructuring of our national outlook; labour unions, as has been pointed out before (ROTW/SOA), will have to take a position on racial and regional exigencies if they, themselves, wish to survive. Street mobilization and sixties-era demonstrations will not count for much, when faced with such greater issues as the survival of their own children who, in a more normal climate, would be the beneficiaries of their labour and building skills. To work is a right, what to work for, is a choice. Labour Leaders must bear this in mind if they are to remain leaders.

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White Nationalist Position: Economics

What is the White Nationalist overall Strategy

On Economics as a Policy?

Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count: 1,886


The White Nationalist recognizes that the strength of a Nation can only come from within, specifically from that body of flesh and bone of which we are all a part of, and reject the notion that a strong economy, indeed, that a ‘global-strength’, is predicated upon external (i.e. that which is always extended, such as military might, economic empowerment of nations alien to us) power alone – such as that ubiquitous internationalist or those so-called members of the new ‘world order’ would have us believe. They say: “we must have a strong import system, otherwise the international markets will flounder and fail.” It is this type of logic that has embroiled us in six (6) wars1 (declared or undeclared), and has taken away our true markets in Europe, disrupted trade in South America, and alienated us from true substantial business relations in Japan and elsewhere.

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White Nationalist Positions: The Family

What is the White Nationalist Position on



Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count: 2,845


The importance of Family cannot be stressed enough in the overview of white nationalism, 300px-manifesto_of_futurism-fillipo-tomasoinasmuch as such value has no comparison outside of nature and its immutable laws. This may, at first blush, seem a somewhat outdated or little understood position, and certainly it has been dissected, experimented with, twisted, rearranged, and packaged as ‘family’. The differing aspects of marriage is, as is natural, a developmental item of discourse and study, yet the abiding truth is that family, as a unit, is far and above the detractors spurious attacks. Ironically, a majority of ethnic whites seem to think that it is acceptable to ‘go along’ with the crowd, to accept the yearly invocations of ‘educated’ persons who exhort the masses to ‘reassess’ the traditional ways of the West as callous, restrictive, racist, myopic and dozens of assorted descriptions which evoke even more suspicion and uncertainty when looking at our accepted mores and common technics.

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White Nationalist Position: Education

What is the White Nationalist Position on


Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count: 1,531

The White Nationalist addresses the issue of Education as the Second most important 14370405_1827204880846988_6120395156362018165_nposition of our platforms; Education ranks second only because we define education proper as a fundamental result of flesh and bone, of Race. We recognize that without proper education from preschool to the University, our future generations will be unable to function properly as part of the body-politic, as even a intelligent and vibrant people can, with time, degenerate, if not maintained by the highest of personal standards. A uniform, static populace, neither serves itself nor the Nation and, becomes with time, a de-facto slave state since those who are educated will, as their feelings of ‘superiority’ becomes ever so pronounced, will never allow such a uneducated herd to direct tbem – the obvious heir apparent to continued, and growing power.

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What is the White Nationalist Position on The Environment?

What is the White Nationalist Position on

The Environment?


Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count: 1447


The issue of environment, sadly, seems to not be fully understood by those who, while detracting from the premise of ‘white nationalism’, actually know nothing about the original intent and inception of White Nationalism. From the inception of this race identity, or ideation, as a full-blown spiritual and physical manifestation, the idea of ‘racial-nationalism’ was one of harmony with our earth – there were many rank and file believers who adamantly proposed ‘back to the earth’ positions, but were basically defensive, as the Left seemed to have completely pirated the original construct of many who had passionately portrayed ‘race and nature’ as being part of the same organism (see Proem), and foresaw a new national consciousness coming from this merger. Most who complain that White Nationalism has no world-view past ‘race hatred’ are, themselves, devoid of any real telling knowledge of the tenets of white nationalism, let alone, the historicity or individuals who have worked so heartily, and with such personal loss, to create the essence of racial nationalism – some would even protest that White Nationalism stands in contravention of true ‘nationalism’ and, therefore, is to be only seen as an impediment or a passing evolution. This is far from the truth of the matter.

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White Nationalist Positions: Part I

The Positions of White Nationalism:

Part I

Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count: 946


The heady days of the Election are over. A new government is being ushered in. We will be seeing ‘policy’ statements, policy by fiat, and policies that this new government believes will benefit the Nation, as well as individuals.

At the same time, the aclaim of the ‘alt-right’, known for its anti-conservatism, has also presented a unique and burgeoning perception of ideological and political tenents, albeit wrapped in a more academic fashion, losing some of its import on the cacaphony of interests, world-view, and relatively new approach to the coming future, envisioned by many of us, to the modern citizen milieu, that has become America.

White Nationalism, on the other hand, is seen in more severe terms, as the broadly interpereted alt-right leaves room for even more questions. Presented below, is the first of several introductions to the definitive role of ethno-politics, both on a National level, as well as the Personal. For, after all, White Nationalism concerns the human element of ‘blood and bone’, and politics must follow this assertion.

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A Western Rationale: Post-Modern Reflections

A Western Rationale:

Post-Modern Reflections

Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count: 2,950

The slow, ineluctable demise of Traditionalism, will always usher in the desperate 14370405_1827204880846988_6120395156362018165_ncries of the revolutionary Nationalist.

The preceding centuries of Western evolution have presented a unique view into the political biology of organic life-cycles, of political experimentation, moral generation and degeneration, stratagems, tactics, zealots, revolutionaries. Philosophers and their unique philosophies. Statesmen and their own unique combination of personal world-views. Moreover, this evolutionary experience has presented to the Men and Women of the West, an incalculable model of reasonable and direct appreciation of the ways and means of political thought. We, of the West, have the greatest legacy of political thought in history.

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Trump the Redeemer, Trump the Destroyer

Trump the Redeemer, Trump the Destroyer

1,683 wordsTrump-Vishnu-a

On the fourth night of the Republican National Convention, presidential nominee Donald J. Trump gave an unheard of, albeit leaked, 75-minute speech. I watched most of it, but like many people of my generation, my attention was divided across multiple screens. From my television set, the voice of the authoritarian populist some consider to be literally Hitler blared through my quarters. I would get up every so often to put out a tweet or leave a comment somewhere on my desktop computer in another room. On my phone I was messaging non-movement friends, asking them if they were watching Trump get one step closer to being memed into the White House. They don’t know I was quoted about memes in the New York Times. As the man himself would say, “It doesn’t matter.”

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Trump: The Last American?

The Last American

2,985 words

According to its leaders, the American people don’t really exist. There’s something called the United States, a landmass filled with citizens (and uniformly virtuous immigrants) who are hardworking and industrious. This geographic entity is “exceptional” and uniquely blessed by God, as are its swelling number of random inhabitants. But there’s no nation. Instead, there’s a collection of individuals, all “free,” united only by certain “principles” and “ideals.” And our leaders always say our best days are still before us. 

Thus, American politics isn’t about securing our interests as a people or a nation. Instead, it is an endless argument about the American Creed, the slogans handed down to us from our founding about freedom and liberty and all men being equal. The Right and Left will emphasize one slogan or the other, but the vocabulary is always the same. And somehow, the more high-minded and abstract the rhetoric, the more comfortably it serves the interests of those who already hold power.

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