So, You Want A Homeland?

The Promise of a New Land:

The belief in Territory

Frank L. DeSilva Word Count 1,538

Diverse populations, that is, in a racial sense, no matter the cosmopolis of its language, has never realized a higher culture in the real sense, at least not for long. The many attempts, including the great “experiment” of the United States, have failed. The antagonisms are many. The brutalization of the many inhabitants by each opposing “group” is natural, albeit dysfunctional, and cannot support the integrity of any given organized culture. The platitudes given the populace by its erstwhile leaders are political posturing, plain and simple. They elect to sympathize with “special interest groups” in order to gain an advantage in a “numerical” democracy; this does not promote the real interests of the “host-race” on which mores, spirit, and destiny-will the Nation/Culture was founded. This exacerbates this entire dysfunctional process. Anyone who questions this process is considered a radical by the existing order.

In ROTW, the entire concept of a rising, fledgling, and independent people, presupposes Summita natural and independent Political State. Without a state, there can be no real affirmation of either independence, nor freedom. As such, the dream of many of those Western men and women must, at all costs, come to grips with the reality of both a natural and geographical  State. To this end, to be sure, have been many and varied attempts to distill, and explain to the various adherents and visionaries which encompass the racial/nationalist struggle for a homeland dedicated, and created for members of the West – just as had their forefathers and mothers realized, of yesteryear.

The Rise of a New West is predicated on it.

I have often said that “…the search for Land is over…”, and so it is.

As this discussion has been in the forefront of many personal, as well as public discussions and debates, and seeing the smallest of movements, once again, in the reemergence of this basic, and pivotal role of White Nationalist policy, as it relates to the future growth of a national direction.

Moreover, I feel it is opportune to bring this discussion to the fore again, although in a more oblique, and revised version.

Rather than quote all the ‘usual suspects’, erudite and world-worn though they are, and most certainly deserve our attention, such as Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Kant, Plato, Aristotle, Jefferson, Adams, Jay, and even Franklin, I will try and encapsulate (even offer a few quotes…a mean feat, but remembering also, to assuage those who thrive off this obligatory bulwark of fact and faith) the construct, although not the methodology, of my antecedents, our forefathers, those who made us, who gave us this elusive and mercurial process of ‘thinking for ourselves’, and thereby creating, that environ most suitable for us and our children.

It is well and good that we, White Nationalists, proceed and direct our ideas and common-sense applications of form, as it were, to our fellows, those rudimentary and common-folk who, in actuality, are our neighbors, our wives and sisters, our work-place brethren and, most importantly, to ourselves. To inculcate ideas and forms of methodology are fine, in the main, and what other recourse can we count on? The innumerable words and phrases are, of course, a necessity, until that time that necessity, itself, requires more of us.

In my mind, the penultimate Idea, or as the converse may be attributed, is that Land, or in the abstract, ownership of land, is the absolute cornerstone of White Nationalist philosophy. Moreover, the realization that soil, unlike blood, is continuous, even when changed, superficially, by erosion or man-made enterprises; blood, on the other hand, may be changed, diluted and made more malleable by indifference and lack of responsible attention.

Therefore, it is Land, in its permanent and decidedly unique inference of human habitation, that our discussion relates to a more mundane, yet not so distant interaction with ourselves and our posterity. Land, in a Western ideation, is sacrosanct, a veritable ‘holy grail’ to those independent and sovereign souls who, among the larger body of the earths populace, see the harnessing of a ‘natural’ thing, to be a duty, a responsibility of a dutiful husband man, who would till the land, thereby bringing forth the substance of life, guaranteeing him and his family, the necessities of life and, by extension, those that come after.

Yes, and what comes after?

Those who have made the study of Natural Law a life-long pursuit have, almost to the man, decidedly come to the conclusion that it is longevity, by its very nature, is that which precludes the loss of sustained serfdom. Slavery is, by all accounts, a state of un-natural affairs, although is understood by such as Ragnar Redbeard and Darwin, as a state of nature, however unsavory it might be. Nevertheless, it is to longevity that we address ourselves, namely: Perpetuity.

To ‘hold land’ at the behest of a State, or any authority is, without reservation, opposed by White Nationalists. The revitalization of a racial state is predicated upon this simple realization.

Moreover, to secure Land, proper, is the basis for action of a free people:

the inhabitants of any country who are descended and derive a title to their estates from those who are subdued and had a government forced upon them against their free consents retain a right to the possession of their ancestors…for the first conqueror never having had a title to the land of that country, the people who are the descendants of, or claim under, those who were forced to submit to the yoke of a government by constraint have always a right to shake it off and free themselves from the usurpation or tyranny which the sword has brought in upon them…’ [§192]. ‘Their persons are free by a native right, and their properties, be they more or less, are their own and at their own disposal, and not at his’ [§194].

This, of course, leads the stouthearted to conclusions, ironic though it might appear to some of us, that:

No damage therefore, that men in the state of nature (as all princes and governments are in reference to one another) suffer from one another, can give a conqueror power to dispossess the posterity of the vanquished, and turn them out of that inheritance, which ought to be the possession of them and their descendants to all generations….¶184

Once again:

Their persons are free by a native right, and their properties, be they more or less, are their own and at their own disposal, and not at his. 1941

The insistence of tried and true methods, however, seem to have been passed by in the frenetic attempt to ‘convince’ our brethren of the ‘rightness’ of our cause; instead, we should, all of us, attempt to reaffirm the basis, yes the basic realizations of the primacy of our attempt to become a People, once again, by fostering, and inculcating every waking day, the realization that without that personal interdiction of our basic and most intrinsic need for a viable estate, firstly, of personal property, as well as the necessity to maintain this property, in perpetuity, is of the most permanent and incendiary qualities of White Nationalism.

I believe that most of us agree to two things:

  1. That a ‘place’, physical and identifiable, be a prerequisite to a future homeland/ethno-state’
  2. That a ‘physical’ and identifiable People populate, as the sole representatives of that people, this ‘particular’ place, so indicated.

This may be an inversion, to some, of ‘blood and soil’, but I feel it places the chicken before the egg; this does not, however, decrease the ideation of ‘blood and soul’, but only reinforces it.

White Nationalists know, or should know, that it was Law, both of the legal variety, as seen conditionally by our English forebears, as well as seen by those considering the natural variety, as the above quotes emphasize. Even Njal, in the Icelandic Saga’s, saw this clearly as “Me lögum skall land byggja og ólögum eya2,”which recognizes both a ‘discipline’ as well as a causual effect upon the relationship between the two elements.

One must, firstly, possess property, before one can lay claim legally to it.

This brings us to today’s effort to reclaim, as well as establish, a real territory, an ethno-state, in which we might begin, again, the long process of revitalizing our status as free and sovereign people; to accumulate wealth as our skills support, and begin the long and perilous route of establishing a viable Industrial America, that productive state in which we can, honestly, compete with ourselves, as well as others, to build a nation consonant with our advances in technology and our innate desires.

Once we have convinced our people of the ‘natural rights’ of possessing, in a generational setting, the environment in which we live, we may better and more forcibly, remain fixed to our ‘place’, thereby inculcating and making real, our duty and obligation to our Nation.

Such is the hope of White Nationalism for all our people.



National Pan-Aryanist Party – Position Paper, 1989, NPAP Press.

1 John Locke, Second Treatise of Government (1690)

2 “By law is the land built; by lawlessness (unlaw) destroyed”


White Nationalism: The Way Forward

White Nationalism: The Way Forward

Being a brief synopsis of the understanding and duties of the burgeoning

White Nationalist.

Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count 4,123

Forward into the Future.

The various manifestations of any traditional or revolutionary concept, idea, or methodology is largely due to national circumstance: popular [racial] identity, reactionary elements, visionary elements, financial depression and cultural insolvency.

In every epilogue of human events there exists, in stark relief, the metamorphosis of a People, or Folk-community. Regardless of any significant or insignificant attempt, or contribution too, any particular form of government, no matter the construct or principle, it is the people, the race-culture, which either is enslaved or liberated. Ironically, in terms of the former, slavery, to some, is ordered and constructive consumerism, which demands a certain consistency in social arrangements; to others, the lack of individualism, of sovereignty, marks the slave from the freeman. This balance has for millennia, swung from one extreme to the other.

This balancing act today, just as in yesteryear, is precarious one.

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Populist-Socialism: The Economy of the White Ethno-State

Populist-Socialism: The Economy of the White Ethno-State

J. J.

Economics of the Ethno-State

[Editor’s Note: It is timely that this discussion at Occidental Observer is taking place. Many who advocate for an ethnic region for Whites, an Ethno-State, are filled with the emotional fervor of the proselyte; yet few have any idea of the intrinsic mechanics. In similar fashion, this has also been dealt with here, and most certainly will require much understanding by the common man and woman.

In such an environment as we find ourselves in, every person must be educated and animated with the philosophy of White Nationalism, for an uneducated electorate is not conducive to a thriving and striving Folk. If you don’t want to be led, then you must learn how to think, and struggle for the position of leadership.]


Little consideration is given to the economic foundations of a White ethno-state. While many in the Alt-Right know conceptually what an ethno-state should be like in the abstract sense of demographics, the minutia of public and economic policy to obtain or maintain such a state is lost. While not exhaustive, the following paper is intended to steer conversations into more concrete terms addressing the economy of a White ethno-state. That is, an anti-materialist economy that serves the nation, versus the nation serving the economy in materialistic capitalism and socialist-communism. A Third Position meshing of populist and socialism is proposed.

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Reframing White Nationalism: A Perspective In Relief

Reframing White Nationalism

3,120 words


What do we want? A white ethnostate. Much has been written about this elusive state, and I am sure there is much controversy and difference of opinion about it, so I won’t attempt to define it here. Suffice to say that the ethnostate will be a nation state founded by whites, for whites, and it will be free of the racial chaos and strife which has come to characterize multi-racial societies. White Nationalism may have many goals, but the ethnostate is the first and most important one, and to achieve it will be to win. So far so good. 

We could spend time explaining why whites must separate from other races. We could point to the low average IQs and the high rates of crime among blacks and Hispanics. We could argue that Muslims from North Africa and the Middle East are not immigrants but invaders who wish to establish a caliphate wherever they go. We could also question the motives and loyalty of higher-IQ people from various parts of Asia. John Derbyshire once quoted a Chinese man who described America not as a country but a place you go to make money. Can we trust the Chinese and the South Asians to hunker down with us and fight the blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims once we’re outnumbered 3-to-2? Or will they all flee to their homelands as soon as the going gets tough? I would bet on the latter, given that their loyalty to America is mostly based on economic opportunity. If they could do better in their home countries, they probably will.

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The Case Against “Assimilation”: The French Connection

The Case Against “Assimilation”

1,465 words

Translated by Guillaume Durocher

Translator’s Note:julien-rochedy-le-directeur-national-du-front-260x298

Julien Rochedy is the former director of the Front National’s youth organization (FNJ). He wrote this article after he left the FNJ’s leadership, remaining on good terms with the party, which he felt allowed him to speak more freely and critique the FN’s official assimilationist stance. The text gives some idea, beyond Marine Le Pen’s electorally necessary but potentially dangerous formal compromises with political correctness, as to what brighter people in the party are thinking. The title is editorial.

March 22, 2015

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Frank L. DeSilva: The Metaphysics of Blood & The Future Folk State

The Metaphysics of Blood & The Future Folk State

Frank L. DeSilva - Radio 3Fourteen - The Metaphysics of Blood and the Folk-State
Frank L. DeSilva – Radio 3Fourteen – The Metaphysics of Blood and the Folk-State

Metaphysics of Blood 

Are White Britains Treated As Second Class In Their Own Country?

Are White Britains Treated As Second Class In Their Own Country?


Written by Brittania

Photos and captions by Watt Tyler

Are white British people, the indigenous people of Britain, treated with the same consideration, respect, care and concern as other people are ………..…as immigrants are?

Imagine a country that was built, developed and defended for thousands of years by a beautiful, fair, strong, smart, brave and creative indigenous people. The country flourished and the people were happy. Then imagine a hostile government takes control of the country and floods in millions of immigrants, this invasion to the detriment of the indigenous people. Thousands of the indigenous women and children are raped by the immigrants, poverty increases for the indigenous people, but they are not allowed to fight back, in fact, they are not even allowed to express dissent. They are to submit to the invasion, the occupation, all the deprivations and harms, and they are to remain silent about it. In fact, in a cruel and controlling manner, the government tries to make them celebrate the invasion (and finance it and its associated costs). There will be no more indigenous people in time; some of the government and their friends openly boast of this fact, of a future when the race of indigenous people with their fair skins will no longer exist and ‘everyone will be coffee-coloured’. Have these indigenous people been treated as inferior in any way?


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Foundations: Self-Actualization

The New Mantra

1,240 words

You’ve all heard Bob Whitaker’s “Mantra,” the tag line of which is: “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.” You will find it in the comments section of any news story that touches on race – which is to say, just about every single news story in the Western world.

It’s a useful starting point for racial realism, a seven word expose of the almost comical double standards that plague dispossessed whites at every turn. Thus the efforts of the “Bugsters” deserve our praise, support, and gratitude.

But it’s only a starting point. What is the ultimate point of knowing the truth about race and IQ, or the biological reality of race as a concept? More important, what difference does it make if we expose the “double standards” surrounding racial discourse?

Those who seek our genocide are quite comfortable with these double standards. Increasingly, they openly defend them. With the concept of “white privilege,” they are armed with an ideology that justifies why whites, and only whites, are so uniquely evil as to be denied a racial identity.

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Foundations: Rise Of The Ethno-State

Disenfranchised White Males: Time for Secession

November 9, 201216 Comments

My impression is that in 2008 everyone was basking in the glow of multicultural heaven with the election of Obama. Very little commentary on the racial pattern of the results and how they portended a difficult time ahead for the Republicans. This time around, one hears nothing but commentary on how the Republicans are doomed if they don’t pander to Hispanics (Hispander, as VDARE has it).

The racial fault lines are more apparent than ever. Whereas in 2008, the official version was that 58% of Whites voted Republican, this year, according to the CNN exit poll data, it split 59%–39%. Of course, the White population includes Jews and Middle Easterners classed as Whites but who do not identify or vote like other Whites (70% of Jews voted for Obama, down from ~80% in 2008, perhaps because of tensions between Obama and Israel, but obviously mainly motivated by the Jewish identification with the non-White coalition of the Democratic Party.) As usual, the White percentage of the electorate continued to decline, from 74% to 72%. And as usual, the Republican Party received over 90% of its votes from Whites.

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The Way Forward

Foundations of the 21st Century

Frank L. DeSilva

Kindle Edition
Kindle Edition

White nationalists, as such, politically define themselves in wanting to create a sovereign state in North America. They endeavor, therefore, not to “put things back the way they were,” as conservatives wish, but to rid themselves of them completely.

A National Revolution, they hold, will alone restore “the white man to his rightful place in the world.”

 Inspired by the birthright handed down by the blood and sacrifice of ancestors, their project, relatedly, is not about restoring the Third Reich, the Confederacy, or Jim Crow, as Leftists imagine, but about creating a future white homeland in which their kind will be able “to pursue their destiny without interference from other races.”[1]

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