Moralism & Moral Arguments in the War for Western Survival

Moralism & Moral Arguments in the War for Western Survival

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 Wrong Right

The following is the text of the speech that was made by Prof. MacDonald at the Northwest Forum on February 25, 2017 (audio here).

Obviously President Obama was a horrific President in pretty much every possible way. His domestic policies in particular have been anathema to the Alt Right—he would, after all, have loved to sign an immigration amnesty/surge bill into law. Nevertheless, a couple of things he said in his farewell address made a lot of sense, although he probably wasn’t thinking about the Alt Right when he said them

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Are White Britains Treated As Second Class In Their Own Country?

Are White Britains Treated As Second Class In Their Own Country?


Written by Brittania

Photos and captions by Watt Tyler

Are white British people, the indigenous people of Britain, treated with the same consideration, respect, care and concern as other people are ………..…as immigrants are?

Imagine a country that was built, developed and defended for thousands of years by a beautiful, fair, strong, smart, brave and creative indigenous people. The country flourished and the people were happy. Then imagine a hostile government takes control of the country and floods in millions of immigrants, this invasion to the detriment of the indigenous people. Thousands of the indigenous women and children are raped by the immigrants, poverty increases for the indigenous people, but they are not allowed to fight back, in fact, they are not even allowed to express dissent. They are to submit to the invasion, the occupation, all the deprivations and harms, and they are to remain silent about it. In fact, in a cruel and controlling manner, the government tries to make them celebrate the invasion (and finance it and its associated costs). There will be no more indigenous people in time; some of the government and their friends openly boast of this fact, of a future when the race of indigenous people with their fair skins will no longer exist and ‘everyone will be coffee-coloured’. Have these indigenous people been treated as inferior in any way?


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Walt Disney’s War With Hollywood’s Jews


Walt Disney’s War With Hollywood’s Jews
RenseWalt Disney

Unknown to most Americans is the fact that the first motion picture camera was invented by Thomas Alva Edison in East Orange, New Jersey. A lifelong inventor, Mr. Edison had over 1,000 inventions patented when he died in 1931. Inventing a motion picture camera that worked properly was the easy part for Edison. Keeping Jews from using the camera without paying him royalties for his invention was the hard part.
As soon as the German born Jew, Carl Laemmle found out about motion pictures, he started figuring ways to exploit the new invention. Efforts by Laemmle and other Jews to deprive Edison of his fees for using his cameras forced Edison and other movie makers like Dickson, Casler, Koopman, Long, Smith, Klein and Marion to form a protective association called the TRUST. As fast as these Jews could get their hands on Edison’s equipment and started using it, the Trust would file lawsuits against them to stop their illegally using his patented equipment.
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Thoughts on the 70th Anniversary of D-Day

Invading Their Own Country:
Thoughts on the 70th Anniversary of D-Day

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With detachment, we see reality. What was achieved by those we remember today – those brave white Americans, British, Canadians, and Europeans who overcame the mines and machine guns of Hitler’s Fortress Europe? 

As time passes, historians of the future will be able to take the long view on the Second World War in the same way we can sensibly discuss the rise and fall of Carthage or the Golden Horde. Absent the propaganda, the shrieking moralizing, the half-truths, and the outright lies, the real consequence of the Allied victory is obvious. Within a historically insignificant period of time after the fall of the Third Reich, European people and European civilization will cease to exist – unless something changes.

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Ricardo Duchesne on Will Kymlicka: Living up to Western Ideals

Ricardo Duchesne on Will Kymlicka: Living up to Western Ideals

Kevin MacDonald

Kevin MacDonald
Kevin MacDonald

Ricardo Duchesne is well-known to TOO readers. His The Uniqueness of WesternCivilization is essential reading not only for an understanding of the deep wellsprings of Western culture, but for his attacks on the Cultural Marxists who now dominate the academic world in an effort to remake the Western world in the name of multiculturalism and displacement-level non-White immigration.

Prof. Duchesne continues his attacks on intellectually bankrupt academics with an article on Will Kymlicka appearing in the Canadian journal, The Quarterly Review (“Will Kymlicka and the disappearing Dominion“).

A theme of Prof. Duchesne’s writing on academics like Kymlicka is that they are having wonderful careers. The reward structure of the academic world favors those who are willing to plug themselves wholeheartedly into the multicultural zeitgeist. In Uniqueness he describes them as “happily ensconced within a world of like-minded academics, backed by multiple grants and prestigious titles.” Kymlicka is no exception:

He is arguably the best connected and best funded academic in Canada, regularly producing papers commissioned by government agencies and corporations, including Forum of FederationsICCSCitizenship and Immigration Canada and the Transatlantic Council on Migration. …

Kymlicka holds, currently, the Canada Research Chair in Political Philosophy at Queen’s University in Kingston. Best known for the elaboration of a liberal theory of minority rights, with particular reference to Canada, he has been tremendously effective in this endeavour. Since the mid-1980s when he was a grad student, he has received, every single year without interruption, highly lucrative grants and awards, including the Premier’s Discovery Award in 2009($250,000), the Trudeau Foundation Fellowship in 2005-2008 ($225,000), and the Killam Prize in Social Sciences in 2004 ($100,000). He has held visiting professorships and fellowships outside Canada every year since coming to Kingston in 1998. Around the world his books have been accepted as part of the official consensus on multiculturalism in Canada, translated into 32 languages. While portraying himself as an outsider fighting the dominant Eurocentric discourse, he is best viewed as Canada’s government-sanctioned ideologue of multicultural citizenship.

That last is the most outrageous part. The legions of Kymlickas who dominate the academic world routinely portray themselves as courageous, powerless outsiders fighting against an evil establishment. At the same time they hold prestigious academic chairs, are well-connected to the government, and become wealthy in the process. Similarly, US Attorney General Eric Holder described Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s dissent in the recent University of Michigan affirmative action case as “courageous” even though her dissent was lionized by the elite media like the New York Times and even though her opinion is entirely in line with her own ethnic interests.

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Competing Nationalism(s) in Ukraine

Competing Nationalisms in Ukraine


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Kevin MacDonald
Kevin MacDonald

In “Which Way White Man?,” Tom Sunic discusses the downside of European nationalism:

The Hungarian nationalist party Jobbik has had significant success in its PR overtures in the mainstream media in Europe and it deserves to be commended. Yet, few White American nationalists can comprehend their irrational call of the soil and blood and why Hungarian nationalists are not only concerned with Gypsy crime or with their government sell-out of the national treasure to foreign sharks, but also with the fact that one third of Hungary’s historical land still belongs to neighboring Romania and Slovakia. It must be amusing to observe from the American watchtower how White nationalists in Europe endlessly quarrel about which state in their vicinity should be in charge of a small creek in Transylvania or swaths of former German lands in today’s Silesia. For Europe’s White nationalists, however, these territorial, cultural, or linguistic disputes are a matter of life and death.

The list goes on and on all over Europe. The case study is a traumatic Croatian nationalism, which expresses itself, as a rule, in rigid papist ultra-Catholicism and which establishes its negative legitimacy in the endless name-calling of Christian Orthodox Serbs. A question: Can one be a good White nationalist without excluding the Other White nationalist?

We are certainly seeing some of that now in Ukraine. Ukraine is a textbook case of the costs of multiculturalism, a story of competing nationalisms. Around 17% of the population, mainly in the in the East and South of Ukraine, is ethnically Russian and favors strong ties with Russia.

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The Persecution Of Charles Krafft

[Nice article from Counter Currents, and some good advice as well.

Mr. Johnson’s comments regarding the ‘marginal state’ of White Nationalism is, however, erroneous, as the lack of ‘public awareness’ has not modified or detracted from its stated positions or goals; there is no value in stating that White Nationalism is ‘powerless’, unless one does not truly believe in its inherent validity, which a true White Nationalist will never accept.

This criticism is only marginally important however, and the main  intent of this essay is worth the exposure, if only to remind people, that our present state of affairs is in direct consequence to ‘remaining quiet’, or staying away from individuals who should be heard (this type of support takes courage) – especially if they are duly censored by the opposition – and not just those may, or may not be, committed White Nationalists.

Time will tell, as it always does, just whose agenda will prove its case, in the meantime, read and reflect on the information below.]


The Persecution of Charles Krafft

2,140 words

Whenever a person of any prominence expresses interest in ocharleskrafft-300x226r agreement with tabooed ideas like White Nationalism, anti-Semitism, or Holocaust revisionism, the standard Judeo-Leftist strategy is to destroy them socially and economically — unless, of course, there are no legal barriers to outright murder.

The dissident is socially destroyed through public denunciations and whispering campaigns designed to isolate him in a hostile environment by cutting him off from his friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and colleagues, most of whom will distance themselves from any person labeled with “witch” words like “Nazi,” “hater,” etc., lest suspicion fall on them as well.

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The Military Option: Redux

Foundations Of Our Leadership: Swords

The Military Option Redux

by Frank L. DeSilva

In a previous essay, appearing in its extended version (See: Song of Albion), the role of the Military, in relation to the reaffirmation of Tradition and Authority in the continuing struggle of Western hegemony in traditional, political, social and spiritual understandings, it was observed that one of our most basic challenges and duties, is the traditional relationship between Nationalism and the Military.

Instead of continuing our study into this relationship between the organic mass of our Western peoples, we will briefly mention those who, even as we, see this collaboration as necessary but, unlike the nationalist, sees this collaboration as being negative, pernicious and, as expected, a potential source of political and social power to encourage and codify their national and global agendas.This is not new, but the target of this continuing assault against the Western ethos of this continent and the world, is building in its focus and intent.

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Vienna Philharmonic is too White?

Norman Lebrecht: “Vienna Philharmonic is too White”

H/T DestroyZionism

The Jew Norman Lebrecht

Norman Lebrecht claims that there are too many White people in the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra. To the surprise of no one, Lebrecht is Jewish.

A separate attack this week from a classical-music journalist focuses on the Vienna Philharmonic’s racial and gender composition. Norman Lebrecht, who runs a widely read classical-music blog, wrote that the orchestra has no Asian or other non-white members, “even though one third of the students at Vienna’s University of Music come from the Far East.” He also noted that the Vienna Philharmonic has only six female musicians out of 126 members.

 Vienna Philharmonic attacked for past Nazi ties, being too white.

Liberalism Learns To Love: The Jackboot

Police State Progressives

Liberalism learns to love the jackboot

And they worshiped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshiped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? Who is able to make war with him?

Revelation 13:4

Those who take a cyclical view of history often contend that democracy must eventually end in some form of Caesarism.

That always seemed reasonable enough, but I must admit I’ve always had a bit of trouble believing that today’s “liberals” or “progressives” would ever clamor for totalitarian state. The achievement of order by force is supposed to be a masculine fantasy driven by the insecurities neuroses of the authoritarian personality. By rights, if anyone is going to demand the iron fist and the jackboot, it ought to be me. The hippie Boomer mentality that has dominated American culture and politics for the last generation has always been so anti-authoritarian that it seemed unlikely to me that today’s “liberals” would ever openly support a police state. But then, maybe I’ve just absorbed too much of their projection. It actually makes perfect sense that the spoiled, weak-willed and fearful type would cry the loudest for discipline, direction and protection. Virile men want the reins, not the harness!

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