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vagina_gentiumThe Ancient Romans referred to the northern and central Europe (Teutonic regions) as vagina gentium – the womb of (White) nations. And yes, the Out of Africa fraud was not very popular at the time, and they correctly identified those regions as the homeland of the European people, after the Caucasus ceased to be one due to massive Asiatic invasions and subsequent dissolution of the White tribes that lived there. What happened? Well, if one would use modern nomenclature it was nothing else than a forced “diversity”. So highly praised by leftist governments in Europe and Northern America. Interestingly, the same process can be observed right now – and of course, the negroid, mestizo and Muslim invasions of today appear to be much more peaceful than the Asiatic invasions thousands of years ago (they’re not), but the outcome will be still the same – “diversity” will in fact annihilate our own diverse race through interbreeding and the fact that numbers are, as they always were, against us. And as degenerate leftists like to say: “one day we’ll all be caffe au lait colored”. They laugh at the prospect of the impending doom of their own White race, her culture, tradition and customs build over millenia of tireless efforts and achievements of our ancestors, which were nothing short of extraordinary.

Quite recently, there has been a discovery that irritated some modern chair-bound “scientists”. Bizarre. There was no migration from Africa into Europe 40 000 years ago – the only true African “migration” is the massive flood of illegal non-European immigrants happening right now. No, we don’t have a common African ancestor. And no, we didn’t evolve from an ape – saying so would be just a mere hypothesis, unworthy of repeating in myriads of newspapers, books, lectures etc. And last, but not least – Neanderthal was not in any way inferior. Or perhaps I just missed the achievements of the super-evolved Homo Sapiens in Africa. It’s all just such a pain for those fighting ethnicity-based pride:

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